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We thought we would do a little feedback on the new MX-890 universal remote by URC that came out late last year.

(Customers Reviews at end of post)

Since it’s release it has quickly become our go to remote.  With the hand unit alone  having a price tag of $499, it is not an inexpensive, however there are MUCH more expensive remote out there that dont do as much.   What we like is the value.  This 100% custom remote is easily programmed via the CCP program(of course only by a trained, authorized dealer)

MX-890 URC


Here is what we like most.

Has a built in tilt switch.  It senses movement, so when you pick it up, it lights up.

Rechargeable lithium ion battery and charging dock. Great battery life

RF and IR  will control components directly via IR or remotely Via RF allowing customers to located equipment behind closed doors or in a closet

Perfect combination of hard buttons and customizable buttons in the screen, what we call “soft keys”  We have used plenty of touch screen remotes and ipod/ipad/tablets to control systems.  We have found our customers do not like to use these devices to control their system.  With the MX890 you can use the remote with ease by feel where as with a touch screen you have to look down and is almost impossible to do by feel.

Great feel in your hand.  URC really nailed it on this one.  It has a great feel and the button layout is perfect.

We just had a customer hit us with this questions after seeing our estimate for his home theater system.

“OK, I have to ask… what am I getting with the Univ Remote for $500?  If it’s complicated to operate, wife won’t use it. Don’t give me the usual explanation.  I want the real story as to why you are recommending a PC programmable remote.
Have other customers’ wives used this and are they happy?”

We though this would be best answered by our customers actually using this remote. So we asked a few the exact question above and here is what we got.

“Love the questions because I tell so many people about this Remote on a regular basis LOL it truly is amazing.
I’ve had basic universal remotes in the past, and never had any success.  Always a programming issue, never connected well with components, overall pain in the butt to use.  I was actually pretty skeptical about this universal remote if you remember correctly, I wanted ease-of-use and I didn’t want to have a lot of hardware connection issues. This thing is amazing, every component works in sync perfectly with the remote, the one touch operation is perfect and probably my most favorite feature. I come home from work at night press one button and my TV, receiver, and DirecTV are all switched on and sound is at a perfect level. Obviously I know this Remote wouldn’t be worth $.10 if it wasn’t properly programmed by you, clearly the programming is where it’s at.  I’ve had this remote for about six months now and it’s been flawless, no hiccups whatsoever and works great with the automatic screen drop and projector function.  Thanks again for the great workday hope this answers any questions and concerns your customers may have.”
“I love the MX-890 remote control you recently installed in my home. The unit is well built. It’s solid and feels good in my hand. I haven’t dropped it, but it seems like it could take a fall. I particularly like the fact that though it has a screen on it all the keys are “hard keys” and they cover all the essential functions. No searching though pages of menus to rewind, fast forward, pause, play your recorded show, see the guide, see complete show info, and especially, the EXIT key that gets you out of any place you were and again fills the screen with the show you’re watching. Of course you can point it in any direction and it works fine. It seems to go for days on end without needing a recharge. In short, it’s all that the remote control I used to have wasn’t. If you want a solid unit that’s really easy to use this is it.”
“We are in love with the MX-890…much better than the Harmony remote we used for the past 5 years!

My wife approves of the remote, more specifically, the simplicity of choosing between Sonos, Directv, Apple TV, Xbox, etc.. 2-3 second delay when switching between these components, and one button assigned to each. Programmed by Dave of course 🙂
The remote also lights up in the dark, every button, with any movement of the remote.
Stays charged for a couple of weeks, and not bulky.
I give it 5 out of 5 stars….definitely worth the investment, and will last for many years.
Most importantly…happy wife, happy life!”
-R.P., MD
So we just wanted to outline that, if programmed correctly, the URC MX-890 is a great remote for the price.