What are customers saying about AMPED on Angie’s list???

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Here are some actual customer reviews. These reviews are 100% unaltered and direct from our clients.


Review Date: October 24, 2014
Description Of Work:
Integrated sound system for the home
Member Comments:
Fantastic job. They had many opportunities to “up sell” us on products by my request, but they were very honest about what we did and did not need.We will definitely use them again in the future

Review Date: September 25, 2014
Member Comments:
I called to get my home audio looked at and possibly upgraded. We moved into a home with full audio throughout but we could not get it to work. Dave came out to take a look at our equipment and give us a quote to fix what ever wasn’t working. He was able to actually get it working. I felt terrible because since it is working we will not need their services. However, they were incredibly professional, respectful of my home and did an awesome job of identifying the problem. When it is time to upgrade or repair our equipment, we will definitely go with them

Review Date: September 25, 2014
Description Of Work:
Scope of work involved relocating speaker wire for a home theater satellite speaker.
Member Comments:
Dave came out to my residence at the scheduled time assessed and conveyed to me what would be involved in relocating the speaker wire for my satellite speaker. Because the options included cutting a fairly large hole in my drywall, I decided I wanted to think about it some more since I had just had the room painted. Dave said no problem and to just keep him in mind if I was going to go forward with the job.
I can’t emphasize enough the level of professionalism that was displayed by Dave and his coworker. They explained to me exactly what would be involved to get the job done as well as the time and the costs. Since no work was performed, Dave didn’t even charge me the $75 drive/estimate fee! I will definitely use Amped if I decide to have the work done

Review Date: September 18, 2014
Description Of Work:
Dave installed an entertainment system for us to include mounting and wiring a 60″ TV and sound bar with subwoofer, and wiring various other components in our family room. He provided most of the equipment that complemented the few pieces we wanted to incorporate. He also prewired our outdoor patio area (opposite side of same wall) for TV.
Member Comments:
I can’t speak highly enough about Dave. From start to finish, he was punctual, knowledgeable, helpful, and a true expert in his field … not to mention just a plain nice guy. After providing him our basic vision, he worked with us to refine a grand plan and estimate through a few iterations, to include a ton of product research and handily answering my numerous questions and concerns. He was always patient, wanting to ensure we were in love with the system …. and we are! He did a terrific job with the install, again, always perfectly punctual and communicative. His prices are terrific and his results are perfect. I’d recommend Dave to anyone who wants a great system with no hassles at a great price/value. Hire him. You will not be sorry.

Review Date: September 16, 2014
Description Of Work:
Complete sound (Sonos) and TV installation throughout the house.
Member Comments:
Dave and Stephen were absolutely terrific! I would highly recommend them for any A/V needs you might have. We had a significant project and from the very onset they were extremely responsive, professional, and very knowledgeable on designing what our system requires. They were fair and honest with the estimate, and you can tell they truly take great pride in their work. They did a wonderful job on our entire house and I would highly recommend them for any A/V needs.

Review Date: September 10, 2014
Description Of Work:
We had them hang a new Samsung 55 inch TV over our fireplace.
Member Comments:
Dave came out to our house on 8/27/14 to take a look at the project. He explained the options for the fireplace install. I was insistent on having a clean seamless look, so I searched them out.
The next day he emailed a professional estimate for the project.
On Sept 4th Dave and Stephen came to our home for an afternoon install. They were very professional and brought every
piece of equipment with them that the could possibly need. They laid furniture pads all around the work area, to keep everything
clean in our home.
This install included a bracket to hang the TV on the wall 3 HDMI cords and also the Apple TV since we have all
apple products it seemed the way to go.
They put clean very professional conduits on the outside of our house to take the cords to the interior.

The job was just as I hoped TV hung and slightly tilted and they hung our sound bar just under the TV also.
It looks great no cords on our fireplace very neat and professional.
Dave took at least another hour to go through all our settings on our TV to be sure everything work as it was suppose to.
He tested everything. Also was so kind to teach us how to operate the proper remote and the Apple Tv.
We could not be happier and highly recommend Amped Sound.
Linda and Tony

Review Date: September 07, 2014
Description Of Work:
Dave and his team came out to do a complicated “Down and Out” mount install. This mount dips the TV lower then our fireplace. They installed a TV, a receiver, center channel, surround speakers in ceiling and an amp for the zone 2 speakers and the rest of my components. They also cleaned up the “Wire Trunk” with zip ties and paintable tape.
Member Comments:
At first I didn’t think I really needed an installer. After seeing Dave and his team in action I can honestly say he did a PRO job and I could not have done near equal work myself. I’m extremely satisfied with the final product, it’s functional, sophisticated and full of “wow” factor. We will be looking to hire Amped sound and cinema again soon

We could go on and on but I think you might get the point.

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