The Norm at Amped + Tips for Free Faster internet? Check it out!

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

In this photo you will notice many things that sets Amped apart from the rest. We pulled this clients network panel cover off and were not surprised at the rats nest we found left behind from the previous contractor.
So often due cable, phone, and satellite contractors leave this mess inside your network panel making service a hassle. Other contractors feel that if it is out or site or behind the scenes they do not need to keep in nice and clean.
There job is to get a Signal to your cable box, satellite, phone block and or Modem the rest means nothing to them.
Often times  ore clients will Schedule us on top of the cable company to ensure this doe’s not happen and to hold the utility contractors hand.
This is bad for servicing as well as the wires tend to separate from their connectors, being forced into the panel with out having any tension relief.
Along with looking terrible, hard to service and a compromise to the connections, it shows lack of workmanship and quality.
AMPED can clean up your panel to look like the one above, our work is often complimented as space shuttle like or stream-line.
We route everything where it is supposed to be, there is tension reliefs on all of the cables relieving tension from any connections points.
Everything is mounted in place, and most important you don’t have to force the panel cover back on.
This is the standard or “the norm” at AMPED. We do things as if they were our own homes.
We can also help with upgrading your modem.
We often get clients complaining of “drop off’s” in their internet connection.
You may not realize but that 10 year old modem you are renting from your cable company is out of date! The cable company is not going to reach out to you to let you know it is time for an upgrade.
You can increase your internet speeds and reliability at no additional monthly costs from the cable company by simply updating your equipment.
We can use software to map the network range of your wireless router signal or WiFi to ensure no drop off points are present.  We can add access points and move wireless locations to ensure you have a strong reliable signal throughout your home.

If your Modem looks similar to this one, or is older than a few years. It more then likely needs to be updated.
The current technology is a Docsis 3.0. Updating to a Docsis 3.0 modem is often referred to as going from a backed up Single lane highway to a High Speed Multiple Lane Interstate, where you can pass the slow people, (such as your neighbors tying up your bandwidth).

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