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Posted: June 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

In this older Mountain side home we were tasked to add a Modern 7.1 surround sound, Multi-Zone audio throughout, and a remotely located media closet with rack. This older home had NO existing wiring to fit the bill, all had to be done from scratch.

For the main surround sound and TV location the room is a muli-purpose room that needs to serve as a theater as well as a formal living room to entertain guests.  For this we decided to use polk in-wall and in-ceiling speakers pushed by a Marantz receiver and components located in a closet rack 50 feet away. For the TV a 80″ sharp mounted to the wall fit nicely on the large wall and performs well due to the seating distance being about 16 feet out.

For the patio we choose two outward firing speakers and two inward firing rock speakers.  This was the most important listening area for the customer so he had some challenging requirements.  He wanted to be able to really crank it up without bothering the neighbors, this is why we choose the fire all the speakers toward the center of the yard, containing most of the sound where it needs to be.  We also have separate volume for the rocks and patio speaker allowing low levels patio conversations to take place while the rock speakers are pumping high volume to overpower the water features.  This is one great sounding back yard.

The other audio locations throughout the house a standard Niles in-ceiling speakers powered by the Sonos Connect AMPs.  We even put a single stereo speaker in the shower!

The plain living room is now a  multi-purpose home theater/living room with theater quality sound.  These customers have since told us they “do not watch TV anymore, they experience it”

For the rough In:
In this portion of our work we strategically pull all our wires from the  Media-Rack to the needed locations.
Our work is surgical, only cutting holes where absolutely necessary eliminating additional costs to you. In these rough in pictures you will notice multiple holes all of which we already there we use can lights to fish wires saving the need to cut any additional holes.  For this entire project, 6 audio zones, 7.1 surround, media closet, and a kitchen tv location we cut only 4 holes!!! Not bad for a house with a flat roof and no attic access.
During this process we clean clean clean making sure the only reason you would notice we were there is the amazing system you are left with

e use Tape to mark the locations of speakers and all other needed locations, then we do a customer walk and get a final location approval, then we begin to pull in our wiring.  We have been told the tape really help our customers through the decision making process.
You will notice we worked closes with the home owners other contractors so that they can have everything done right the first time.



(Lower) Gas pipe and speaker were later painted to match house




The finished product is an Amazing! Whole home entertainment system, no hassle one touch automation control for a complex sound sound, and an intuitive app for the control of the house audio system that gives access to all the media they could ever need. The client loves every bit of this install. We did not run into any problems with this project and finished according to schedule as planned.
The best part of our Job is seeing a big project like this one come together perfectly and the client being 100% satisfied.





This rack rolls all the way out for easy service




Kitchen TV


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