Retrofit of customers equipment

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

This client had all his own equipment with the exception of 2 Ceiling mounted rear speakers,
He just needed Amped to put the pieces together.
He gave us his vision of how he would like the set up, we made our recommendations and we advised him of the benefits of mounting locations and together created something with quality, aesthetics, and performance.
We start by taping out the positions and locations of the equipment, this sets us a good non-permanent template, and gives the customer an idea of aesthetics before making a final decision.
After the client is satisfied with locations we start mounting. In this house we were able to utilize existing holes and a very tight attic to run wires so we did not have to cut a single piece of drywall.


Rears went in with ease and using a special hole saw with a cup that surround the blade that catches the dust.  This really helps with keeping the dust down.

Temporarily all of the equipment is in this media rack while a custom media cabinet is built.
Also the TV is temporarily off center to accommodate the Media rack with out blocking sound.
This client also Had us do some upgrades to his Network at which point we ran dedicated internet to his media equipment, We installed a flawless universal remote with one touch automation.
This project only took a day and a half. We expected to have to cut drywall for this install, we took the extra time and were able to fish all the wires without cutting a single hole. This was a savings for the client that now does not have to have a drywall patched.

We will be returning to install everything into the new media cabinet as soon as it is finished.

The client was extremely happy with the install. It always pays to have it done right the first time.

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